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What do you think about the Madison/Union Gateway?

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


In 2000-2001, the community around the Madison/Union intersection at 12th Avenue, where Pike/Pine meets the SU/Central Area, undertook a study to examine how to better this dangerous intersection. This plan recommended many changes, some of which have happened, including the new curb bulb on Union. However, there remains a lot to be done, including potential and exciting public art and street beautification projects. What do you think would better this intersection?

Future SU Building at 12th & E Marion

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

SU Admissions & Alumni Building

Seattle University has begun construction on their new Admissions and Alumni Building on 12th and E Marion. While this will definitely be an administrative building, we are happy to hear that “the building will feature attractive gallery space along 12th Avenue and meeting space which will be open for general campus and community use.” Usually, community members must go deep into the SU campus to access community space; and it is always good to see institutions taking steps to enliven office buildings at night. The rendering above is by James Cary, Architect. Additionally, the project will be SU’s first LEED Gold certified.