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What’s New at 12th and Madison?

Monday, June 29th, 2009

We can expect to see great new things happening at that wacky intersection of 12th and Madison and Union Streets. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.


Pony Rides Again!


Pony , the much-loved gay bar that lived for a short while in the old Cha Cha space on Pine Street is making its new home at the Acacia Florist site at 12th and Madison. The new Pony plans to offer up the same awesomeness as before with the addition of a great deck out front. Look for Pony to open by early August!

Tavern Law, Seattle’s Prohibition Era Bar


Tavern Law plans to open in the Trace Condos building in mid-July.  Modeled after a Prohibition-era speakeasy, Tavern Law will feature cocktails from that period, a rotating seasonal food menu and, I quote, "some little surprises along the way." I’m expecting a hidden door behind a bookshelf that leads to a secret room but we’ll have to wait and see!

New Development Behind Trace Lofts 1222-madison-early-rendering

Developer Wallace Properties plans to build a 104-unit housing project directly to the east of the Trace Lofts property on Madison. Early design review guidance noted here has suggested re-tooling the corner shown above along with some other design suggestions. We’ll keep you posted on future meetings and new design schemes. The developer hopes to keep this project moving forward with the goal of breaking ground in November.

Update: The second Design Review Meeting is July 1st at 6:30pm at the Montlake Library.  More details here at the friendly CHS blog.

That Huge Self-Storage Building


Seattle University has been working on revising its Master Plan which directs the school’s future growth. SU plans to increase the school’s presence on 12th Avenue with future redevelopment of the storage facility at 12th and Madison. From the early drawing above, it looks like SU renovation plans will uncover long-darkened windows and provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment at the sidewalk level.

Triangle Development for Sale


Plans seem to be stalled for the proposed 6-story 100-unit apartment building at the triangle where the Buzz Stop Cafe, Color Store and Undre Arms Apartments currently live.
Community plans from back in 2001 call for a public art piece at the curb bulb at 12th and Union Street that will act as a gateway to 12th Avenue.  The Runberg Architecture Group met with community members during their initial design phase for the project to discuss this art project.  Let’s hope future development stays true to this plan. Right now, we’ll have to make due with our flowers and tree as the gateway to 12th!


St. Francis House

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Ever wonder about the St. Francis House, our neighbor on the south end of 12th? The St. Francis House has been providing services for homeless and needy populations on 12th Avenue for 22 years. They primarily provide clothing to individuals on a drop-in basis but also provide household goods, pre-made sandwiches, and a helping hand to get folks in need of more services in touch with other organizations that can help. About 60-80 individuals walk through the doors of St. Francis House everyday.


These bins are filled with partially used shampoo and soaps from local hotels. Instead of dumping these materials in a landfill, St. Francis House volunteers provide these to needy individuals.

St. Francis House is a private charity that is not affiliated with a church or government organization. St. Francis House was started 40 years ago by a secular group called the Third Order of Franciscans that provided food to the needy on Broadway. Because St. Francis House is independent, they are able to provide simple charity where support goes directly to those that need it and not to organizational overhead.

St. Francis House relies almost completely on volunteers. Many Seattle University and Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences students provide valuable support for the organization while benefiting themselves from the service learning opportunity of helping out in their neighborhood.

Located at 169 12th Avenue at E Spruce Street, St. Francis House is always looking for donations of clean, used clothing – especially men’s clothing, shoes and backpacks.


Co-director Kathleen McKay prepares for the 200 cups of coffee that will be handed out today.

Resources for Business Owners

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Community Capital Development , a local organization dedicated to helping small businesses, has some great class offerings this June. Here are a couple to check out:

Topic :  Buying or Selling a Business?
Date : Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Time : Noon to 1:00 PM

"Learn the Ins and Outs and How to Avoid the Emotional Roller Coaster!"
Do you think you might like to purchase a business? Do you have a business you are thinking of selling? Both of these involve more than might be expected. Come for an informative session and let the experts lead you through the steps to successfully purchase or sell a business. This is FREE!! To register call 206-324-4330 x100 or e-mail classes@seattleccd.com.

Topic :  QuickBooks for Entrepreneurs
Date : Wednesday, June 16, 2009
Time : 1:00 to 4pm (five three hour sessions for $200)

During five, 3-hour sessions, participants will learn the fundamentals of and practical skills to use QuickBooks accounting software.Participants will also enjoy networking with other people who are starting or running businesses.
To register call 206-324-4330 x100 or e-mail classes@seattleccd.com.

A detailed list of classes that CCD offers can be found here .