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Seattle’s Pike Pine Corridor Does Density Right

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


There’s a great article in the Pacific Northwest section of the Seattle Times about Pike Pine that is worth a read. The article brings up everything that I love about the Pike Pine node around 12th Avenue. The old "auto row" style warehouses, the funky art spaces, fun small businesses, and the bars and restaurants.  Of course there are also struggles inherent with a fabulous, dense neighborhood close to downtown. The old brick warehouses might not be "landmarks" according to the city and strict preservationists and therefore are constantly threatened by demolition and redevelopment. There’s also a struggle to keep rents affordable as the neighborhood becomes home to new condos and lofts. People will pay a premium to live here but hopefully this won’t be at the expense of pricing out the folks that make the neighborhood what it is – the artists, baristas, bartenders, and musicians.

This quote from Liz Dunn about urban villages sums up why I love Capitol Hill and can’t think of living in any other neighborhood.

"They offer the kind of community that you can get in a small town but within a big city."

12th Avenue Stewardship Committee Meeting recap

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Hello everyone,
The 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee met last week for their monthly meeting. Here are the Revised January Meeting Minutes if you missed it and want to catch up. Topics included:
- Seattle University’s 12th Avenue and Cherry Street development
- Future 12th Avenue parks
- Streetcar updates
- PPUNC/Conservation Overlay work grant information

More on the Streetcar

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
12th Avenue loop map

12th Avenue loop map

There’s more today on the Stranger’s Slog about the 12th Avenue streetcar loop.

If you have questions, comments or opinions regarding the streetcar route, please considering sharing them with the good folks at SDOT via the Seattle Streetcar site . There’s also tons of good information on this site regarding routes, density, bicycle integration and project schedule.

The Stranger Wants a Streetcar on 12th Avenue!

Friday, January 8th, 2010


Check out this Stranger article advocating for a streetcar on 12th Avenue! This is the first in a month-long series of articles in the Stranger outlining critical "marching orders" for City leaders. We’re excited that the 12th Avenue streetcar made the first group!

12th Avenue Stewardship Committee Meeting next Tuesday

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
Rendering of Seattle University's future development at 12th and E Cherry

Rendering of Seattle University's future development at 12th and E Cherry

Please join us Tuesday, January 12th at 5:30pm for the next 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee meeting. As usual, we will meet at the Seattle University Alumni and Admissions building on the corner of 12th Avenue and E Marion Street.
Topics include:
• More updates on the First Hill/Capitol Hill streetcar
• Conversation on 12th Avenue parks
• Update on Seattle University’s Cherry Street development
• Discussion on 12th Avenue retail study

Food and drinks will be provided!