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Early Schemes for Redevelopment at the Youth Detention Site

Monday, April 19th, 2010
One of King County's early design schemes for the redevelopment at the Youth Detention Facility on 12th Avenue

One of King County's early design schemes for the redevelopment at the Youth Detention Facility on 12th Avenue

King County is moving forward (again) with redevelopment plans for the Juvenile Detention Facility at 12th and Alder. Basically, the detention facility itself (along Alder) will remain. The existing courtroom and office building near the center of the site needs to be replaced and will be demolished. In its place will be a bigger and better courtroom facility. King County is proposing to move all family court activities to this site which will double the number of courtrooms needed. Their plans also include an elevated parking structure for some 500 cars. The rest of the site will be redeveloped at a later date, probably by a private developer to be mixed-use housing and retail. These plans have not been developed so no partners have been identified.  King County is considering saving the open space on the site, currently located on the northeast corner where the Whale Fin sculpture is currently located.

For more detail on early site layouts, please check out the good pictures over at the CD News . I believe these were taken at the most recent Squire Park Community Council meeting and provide a good background of the potential site layouts.

If you want more information or have feedback, King County will be attending the 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee Meeting at 7pm on May 11th .  The meeting will be held at the Seattle University Alumni & Admissions building at 12th and Marion and all are welcome to attend.

King County Youth Detention Center Redevelopment

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
alder tower at the detention site

alder tower at the detention site

The King County site on 12th and Alder, which houses the Youth Detention Facility, is currently planning a major redevelopment of its court and administrative office facilities. This site is about 8.5 acres within the 12th Avenue Urban Village and has enormous potential to transform the southern end of 12th Avenue. The design team for the County presented at the Squire Park Community Council meeting last weekend. Great notes of this meeting can be found on the CD News blog.

The County will next present this project on May 11th at the 12th Avenue Stewardship Council Meeting . Please join us for this important gathering!

Tuesday, May 11th


824 12th Avenue (SU A+A Building) corner of Marion

“No National Chains”

Friday, April 9th, 2010
retrofit storefront

retrofit storefront

Something that makes the 12th Avenue Business District great is the distinct lack of national chains along the corridor. This isn’t just by chance. Today there was a nice piece in the CHS Blog on vacant retail space in Capitol Hill/Pike-Pine, where we noticed the listing for the Retrofit Home space. This space is owned by local developer Liz Dunn’s company, Dunn+Hobbes (full disclosure, Liz also happens to be a CHH Board Member).  The CHS post describes the space as:

"AWESOME COMMERCIAL SPACE ON CAP. HILL! Retrofit Home is Moving Around the Corner!!! We are moving around the corner and our Space will become available some time May-ish. Restaurant/Cafe/Retail Storefront Super Hot, Super Hip Location. Restaurant / retail / café space in extremely desirable location on 12th Avenue in the heart of Pike-Pine. 30’ x 100’ clearspan storefront space in vintage wood and concrete building. 3,000 square feet @ $25/sf plus NNN. No national chains ." (emphasis mine)

Many developers in the neighborhood understand that it is the presence of small local businesses that makes a business district feel vibrant, exciting and unique. National chains aren’t necessarily bad — but a mix of business types is needed for an authentic feeling and a thriving district. Liz Dunn is just one Pike/Pine developer who gets this concept. Hopefully we will get another great tenant in this space soon and we will miss Retrofit on 12th!

SDOT and McGinn endorse the Broadway Two-Way First Hill Streetcar Alignment

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

On Monday April 5th Mayor McGinn officially endorsed the Broadway Two-Way Streetcar Alignment (map below) for the First Hill Streetcar. This comes after the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) presented the same recommendation to him in mid-March. The official SDOT  recommendation package can be found here.

Broadway Two-Way Route Alignment

Broadway Two-Way Alignment

With this recommendation the Broadway-12th Ave Couplet seems nearly dead, but it is important to note that McGinn made a clear commitment to north/south transit on 12th in his letter to City Council here.

The 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee is currently strategizing about how to influence the discussion regarding moving a Metro bus route to 12th. An update will be provided on this at the next meeting on Tuesday, April 13th at 5:30pm at the Seattle U A+A Building (824 12th, corner of 12th and Marion). Please join us if you would like to get more involved in this issue!

Get Engaged in Your Community!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010
future location of james court gathering place park

future location of james court gathering place park

There are a couple of great meetings coming up soon in the 12th Avenue and Squire Park neighborhoods. Please come out and get engaged in what is happening in your community…

The monthly meeting of the 12th Ave Stewardship Committee is next Tuesday, April 13 at 5:30 P.M. at 824 12th Avenue (Seattle U. A. and A. bldg.) All who have a stake in or who are interested in the neighborhood are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be served. Agenda will include:

  • Seattle Parks Dept. regarding planning for new park (12th Avenue Gathering Place, pic above) at 12th and James Ct. and search for new additional new park space.
  • Seattle Housing Authority on plans to expand Yesler Terrace, including possibility of expanding to 14th Avenue.
  • Lorig Associates which is requesting a contract rezone for a new mixed-use development at Jefferson and Broadway.
  • Transportation issues update: SDOT and the Mayor have recommended the two-way Broadway alignment for the First Hill streetcar. Interest in extending route on Broadway to Aloha? What are next steps for 12th Avenue?

We also want to advertise the upcoming Squire Park Community Council meeting Saturday, April 10th 10am-Noon at 722 18th Ave (CAMP) . The agenda includes great topics and live music!

  • Welcome, refreshments, and one Honkfest band: Bakra Bata (Caribbean).
  • Kay Smith-Blum Seattle School Board Director: a conversation about community concerns and ideas regarding our neighborhood schools.
  • King County Youth Detention Center development: Update on current status and next steps by representatives of King County and the development team.
  • The Brass Messengers will lead the crowd at the end of the meeting to Honkfest! at Washington Hall.
martin oliver whale fin sculpture at king county juvenile justice center
whale fin sculpture at king county juvenile justice center site