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12th and Jefferson Design Review – Wednesday Aug 4

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Rendering of 12th and Jefferson

Capitol Hill Housing’s future project at the corner of 12th Avenue and E Jefferson Street will be going through its final Design Review meeting next week.

Wednesday, August 4th at 6:30pm
Seattle University Alumni & Admissions Building

12th Ave and E Marion Street

The new building will be a neighborhood-enriching blend of small retail spaces marketed to local businesses and 40 affordable apartments. The apartments are being designed for people who work in the neighborhood and in nearby employment centers and who earn up to 60% of area median income. The new development will be green-built, and is currently being designed by the Capitol Hill architecture firm Environmental Works.

The site is due to be excavated in early fall to remove petroleum contamination. We will also seek permanent funding for the development this fall.

The Design Review meeting is a great way to learn more about the project and share your thoughts about the design.

Recap of James Court Park discussion

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee got together July 13th for a great discussion about the James Court Park. Seattle Parks and the design team (Hewitt Architects and Ellen Sollod) presented 2 schemes for the park. The majority of folks preferred the first scheme, as pictured above. This includes a really cool feature called “the cloud,” which is a flexible mesh material suspended above the center of the park on wires from adjacent poles. In the “cloud” will be situated a series of (possibly) convex mirrored pieces that will reflect people and patterns from the ground as well as be see-through so that people can see through to the sky, creating different qualities of light for those under the “cloud.” I personally think it is a fantastically cool idea which will really set this park apart from others in Seattle. Details are being figured out regarding the actual materials chosen and how the “cloud” will be illuminated at night. There could be lights on the poles aimed at the cloud or perhaps the lights could be incorporated as part of the cloud.

The blue area in the scheme is not a water feature but instead a raised mound that can act as a stage or seating area. Plans are still coming together for what this piece looks like and how it might be used. Additional movable tables and chairs will be located throughout the park. The trees on the eastern side will act as a buffer against the single family residence adjacent to the park. The planters around the trees will also create seating options.

The full presentation, including the 2nd scheme is attached below. Stay tuned for a 3rd meeting on this park’s design, late August or early September.
James Court Park presentation #2

What are your ideas for the James Court park?

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Back in May the 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee met with the Parks Department and members of the design team at Hewitt to discuss ideas for the James Court Park. Below are some images from an exercise at that meeting. Community members were given green dots to place on elements that they would like to see in the new park. Red dots indicate elements that people did not want to see in the park.

Green dots mean: we want! Red dots mean: we don't want!

Hewitt’s presentation from the meeting with more pictures and inspiration for the park can be found below. The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 13th at 5:30pm at the Seattle University Alumni and Admissions building at 12th and Marion. Please join us and share your ideas for the James Court Park!

James Court Park Presentation

James Court Woonerf

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee put together an application to the Seattle Parks Department a couple months ago for funding for the James Court woonerf project. (Woonerf, a Dutch word, describes a street where bikes and pedestrians have priority over cars and is used as a way to slow down traffic and enhance the streetscape). We have been invited by Parks to present more information as part of the application process so hopefully this is a good sign that we’re high up in the running for funding! If you are interested, the application is below, which includes more information about the project and the woonerf concept.

James Ct Woonerf application