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Event Horizon: 12th Avenue Festival Booths (nearly) Sold Out

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

This is what being a community is all about: less than a month after announcing the 12th Avenue Festival booth spaces were half sold, the festival has only one booth spot left! If you have been thinking of participating, but just haven’t sent in your paperwork, please get in touch immediately.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the support to get to this point.  Immeasurable thanks goes to Signature Sponsors (in alphabetical order) Hunter’s Capital, Seattle University, and Swedish Hospital as well as Supporting Sponsors Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, Café Vita/Via Tribunali, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Capitol Hill Housing, DEI Creative, and Dunn and Hobbes.

And finally, thanks to this year’s festival Presenting Sponsor, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences.

A special thanks to signature sponsor Osteria La Spiga for the gracious and friendly hosting for all of our planning meetings!

Finally, all of this wouldn’t happen without the leadership of Alex Brennan, Sustainable Communities Manager at Capitol Hill Housing, and the tireless intern Marcus Branford, who pounded the pavement to help get the word out and sign up so many of the businesses which are participating.

The diversity of businesses and community organizations is impressive and inspiring.  Have a look and the great variety of food vendors, community groups, health and wellness providers, and other folks coming to show how 12th Avenue has become such a well-connected hub of activity and community.

This event will have something for every age group: There will be music, face-painting, double-dutch, massage, food and desserts galore, business advice and outreach about community issues and events. And if you have a furry best friend, be sure to bring them too! Pet products and veterinary advice are also part of the mix.

Keep looking here for details, and also check out the 12th Avenue Facebook page for frequent updates and profiles of all the businesses and organizations involved.

Lastly, thanks and an invitation to all the local residents—tell (and bring!) your friends and family, and let’s make this one great street festival.  All this is happening because of who is here . . .