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This Tuesday: Next 12th Avenue Stewards Meeting

Monday, December 10th, 2012

This year has gone by very quickly! Our last meeting in 2012 is coming up this

12th Avenue Stewards:  December 2012 Meeting

DATE and TIME: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 – 5:30-7pm

LOCATION: Seattle University Alumni & Admissions building
(corner of 12th Ave and E Marion Street)

Everyone is welcome! Please bring neighbors and friends as we discuss
important issues that directly affect the 12th Avenue Community.


Nominate members for January board elections (Dave) 5:30-5:50pm
The formation of the 12th Avenue Stewards as a committee with bylaws
and board members was a year ago.  It is time to nominate again for the
board positions of Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary. Discussion and elections
will be at the 12th Avenue Stewards meeting in 2013.

Seattle Academy Feasibility Study (Tom) 5:50-6:10pm
Seattle Academy is completing the first stage of its feasibility study to consider having the Middle School (currently located in the buildings of Temple De Hirsch) move to the same block as the upper school (12th and 13th
Avenues between Union and Spring streets). A presentation on the ideas and
plans being discussed to get community feedback.

Update on Timing of Urban league building tour (Walt) 6:10-6:15pm
Walt Townes, co-founder of local company of Retail Lockbox, has offered to help
coordinate a tour of the Urban League building since its purchase.  We
will discuss who would like to attend and what date a possible tour could be.

Bridging the Gap grant application update  (Mark) 6:20-6:25pm
Following the discussion of the desire to submit a Bridging the Gap Grant
(SDOT) a group of 12th Ave Stewards met to discuss some ideas.
An update on some of the possible projects and improvements proposed.

King County Youth Services Center update (Bill/Alex) 6:25-6:30pm
An update on the discussion with the County over the redevelopment of the King
County Youth Detention Services Center and the property on the block (12th
to 14 Avenues between E Spruce and Remington Court).

Update on Appeal to Seattle U Major Institutional Master Plan (Joy/Bill)

An update on the recent appeal to the Seattle U MIMP (as described in the MIMP
minority report by Bill Zosel and Ellen Sollod) heard by the Hearing Examiner.

Vietnamese Catholic Church/Archdiocese update  (Alex)

The Vietnamese Catholic Church (located just behind Washington Hall at 14th
and E Fir St.) is vacating its property at the end of 2013.  The Stewards
would like to discuss how to communicate with the Church and Archdiocese to
determine the plans for the property.

After the full meeting a group will meet to discuss using the 12th
Avenue Website, Facebook, and other methods to increase our communication and

We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, December 11, starting at 5:30pm.