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February 2013 Meeting Notes

12th Avenue Stewards: February 2013 Meeting Notes

DATE and TIME: Tuesday, February 12, 2012 – 5:30-7pm

Meeting notes:
Community Projects and Grant Updates 5:30 to 5:45
Cloud Art Grants:
• The public art for the 12th Avenue Sqaure park is $70,000 over budget due to needs for a crane and suspension cables.
• Application to a neighborhood funding grant to get some assistance.
• Also going to apply for another neighborhood matching grant.
• Seattle University gave $150,000 to the development of the park because of the vacation of alley adjacent to the property.
• Next meeting to be “trained” for receiving the grant is February 21st at 6pm at the Alijoya Senior Center in Northgate (address: ). Ann can attend.

Neighborhood Street Fund Application:
• Submitted grant request to neighborhood district council to paint crosswalks and create parklets
• Were rejected for next step
• Café Presse owners supportive of idea
• Questions were: who pays for the development, maintenance, and
• What is the process for getting a parklet? Need to talk to SDOT
• What about other locations? Further south or north of the 12th/Madison/Union/ intersection; What about a location not associated with a specific business
• For the business that has the Parklet in front of it, the parklet would draw customers and people
• Have a meeting to discuss further options

Changes to 12th Avenue websites
• Please check out the 12th Avenue website (and blog) and Facebook page
• Like us on Facebook if you haven’t yet!

Von Trapp Development and Sidewalks:
• Can same pedestrian scale lights and trees go in front of Von Trapps?
• Have not been successful yet in getting a response from owners
• Could a matching neighborhood grant be used to help with the planting and light costs?
• We want to approach the owners about this, but want to do it in a way that is constructive and doesn’t turn them off from wanting to work with us in the future
SAAS Campus Consolidation Communication 5:45 to 5:55
• Creating a list of questions to ask about the plans
• Ask for interested parties to attend a meeting to create a list of questions
• Bill will follow up with some individual residents, Alex will send out a general e-mail

DON Small & Simple Grant 5:55 to 6:10
Restarting the process of applying for a Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple grant:
• A review of what happened during the last round of funding
• A review of the timeline for the current round of funding
• Requests for those who wish to work on proposal for next round
• Possible projects for the upcoming grant to fund would be woonerf planning and 12th Ave Square Park art installation. However, it’s not too late to come up with an alternative project.
Board Elections 6:10 to 6:25
• Tom is willing to continue to be secretary
• Bill is willing to continue as Vice President
• Ann is willing to be President
• No others expressed interest in the officer positions
• Other audience members expressed interest in being regular board members
• Several 2012 board members could not attend the meeting, but are interested in continuing on the board
• The board roster will be finalized at the board retreat March 23
• Non-board members are also welcome to attend the retreat
Neighborhood Engagement Process for King County Redevelopment 6:25 to 7:00
• Presenting: Jim Burt
• Attending: Judge Michael Tricky,
• Working with public artist (whale fin sculpture) to determine what will happen with that piece of art and the space itself, whether it can be moved
• Need to get land use permits to determine zoning through either a contract rezone or text amendment
• One part of property is zoned to 65, but rest is L3, so greater height limits would be needed
• Courthouse itself may need to be higher than 65 feet
• The west side will generally be taller than the east side
• The County has safety concerns about sharing facility parking with residents, though they might be willing to share with customers of retail businesses
• Parking won’t be underground because the cost would be too high and the ability to expand the garage would be limited
• Ground floor would be residential on14th and retail on 12th
• Consultants for next phase will be KND Justice and Carter Global Lee
• County staff have met with Councilmember McDermott and will meet with Councilmember Gossett and the Executive’s Office to establish who will be on the neighborhood stakeholders group – this is different from previous comments, which asked for people interested in being on the neighborhood stakeholders group to step forward. They expect to include existing neighborhood organizations and residents adjacent to the facility.
• The County is open to having someone from the Stewards present on the history of neighborhood advocacy and community involvement around redevelopment at this facility. Lara volunteered to speak. Bill volunteered to help put together historical information.
• The project oversight committee is now chaired by Councilmember Lambert and includes superior court judges, Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett, the Budget Director, Prosecutor’s Office and Criminal Justice Department.
• First public meeting will be March 16, 10:30am to 1:30pm
• Tentative date for following public meeting is April 27
o 3 additional courthouses
o 154 detention center dorms
o 440 stalls of parking
o 400 to 500 units of housing
o Alder street will be opened
See the website for more details

Other subjects (shared at end of meeting)
• 12th Ave Banners that advertise an event
• Broadcast the upcoming event on the Facebook page and website
• Seattle University sign in skyway (cited as a violation)
• A great Photo show currently up at Northwest Film Center

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