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Capitol Hill EcoDistrict Bike Tour

How can the Capitol Hill Eco-District promote healthy living and active transportation? What better way to learn about the myriad efforts underway than from the saddle of your trusty metal steed. The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, Cascadia Green Building Council, and Cascade Bicycle Club are partnering for the third ramp-up event to the Living Future UnConference ’13 with a bike tour of the district. Leaders from the Capitol Hill and Squire Park communities will highlight just a few of the great efforts underway to address healthy living, walking and biking as part of an integrated, district-scale environmental performance approach. 12th Avenue is the first stop featuring our own Ann Schuessler. Free registration and links to more information available here.

Tour Stops, Topics and Speakers
Start at 11th Ave and E Pike St – Sam’s Tavern

Stop 1: 12th Ave and Marion St
Topic: The importance of design and use for creating a great walking environment
Speaker: Ann Schuessler, Chair of the 12th Avenue Stewards

Stop 2: 18th Ave between Jefferson and Cherry Streets
Topic: Neighborhood Greenways, safe streets for people age 8 to 80 to walk and bike
Speaker: Merlin Rainwater, Central Seattle Greenways

Stop 3: Denny Way and 16th Ave
Topic: Group Health Capitol Hill Walk and Talk Program
Speaker: Daniel Nygaard, Group Health Cooperative

Stop 4: Denny Way and Broadway
Topic: Broadway Cycle Track
Speaker: Ethan Melone, Rail Transit Manager, SDOT

Stop 5: 11th Ave and Pike St
Topic: 11th Avenue Green Street and Pike Pine Conservation Overlay
Speaker: Lesley Bain, Principal, Weinstein Architects and Urban Designers

The bike tour will finish at a happy hour open to all. Dr. Howard Frumkin, dean of the University of Washington School of Public Health, will join the happy hour to lead a discussion about the relationships between design and health.

Registration (free) required for the bike tour. The bike tour meets at Sam’s Tavern at 4 PM and will tour until 5 PM. The tour will end at Sam’s Tavern.
Happy hour begins at 5 PM, no registration is required.

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