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New retail at 12th and Jefferson – what do you want to see?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

As reported earlier, Capitol Hill Housing is planning to start construction on their mixed-use development at 12th and E Jefferson this spring.

There will be 5,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor, broken up into 5 spaces (although some can be combined to create larger spaces). The commercial space ranges from 550 sq ft to 2,500 sq ft.

What do you want to see at this location?  We want to hear from you!

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If you are interested in leasing any of these spaces, or know someone that is, please contact Capitol Hill Housing’s Betsy Hunter at 206-204-3830 or bhunter (at) capitolhillhousing (dot) org.

Here’s more information on the building:  12th & Jefferson Information Sheet

Things look good for Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th and Jefferson project

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

12th and E Jefferson corner rendering

Rendering of E Jefferson Street side

After a year-long wait and much City process, Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th and E Jefferson project successfully received a rezone from the Seattle City Council on December 13th!! On December 15th, we were notified of funding from Washington Works through the WA State Housing Finance Commission. More great news!!

Things are looking good for us to start construction on this key corner in the coming year!

Project details:

  • 40 affordable apartments for neighborhood workers earning up to 60% of area median ($36,000 for a single person, $41,000 for 2-person family)
  • 5 stories of one- and two-bedroom apartments
  • One level (5,000 sq feet) of commercial spaces designed for local businesses
  • Building design and program supported by the local community

12th and Jefferson photo update

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The latest on the digging at 12th and Jefferson!

Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th and Jefferson project one step closer!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Capitol Hill Housing has been planning to redevelop the long vacant lot at the corner of 12th Avenue and E Jefferson Street with a 6-story building with retail on the ground floor and 40 affordable workforce housing units above. The parcel is currently zoned 4 stories and CHH has been working for over a year, navigating the City’s rezone process. Six stories will allow CHH’s project to pencil out financially, and will provide more housing options in the area and more “eyes on the street” and generally jazz up a really sad, vacant corner lot that has so much potential.

CHH recently went before the City’s Hearing Examiner and we’re happy to report that the Hearing Examiner recommended approval of the rezone! The rezone request met several criteria for approval including:

  • Increased housing capacity meets Comprehensive Plan goals for increased density in urban villages by 2024
  • Parcels to the south and east are already zoned 65 feet so an increase would match existing zoning in the area
  • Increased housing and retail at the site meets Neighborhood Plan goals
  • Improved sidewalks adjacent to the project would improve the pedestrian character of the area
  • There are no adverse environmental impacts from the increased height at the site

The rezone request needs to be approved by the City Council to make the change official. We hope that the rezone will get on the Council calendar shortly so that the rezone will be in place as we hear back from our City and State funders for the project.

We also want to report on the activity at the site that is going on right now. The site was a gas station in the 1920s-1960s, which left contaminated soil. CHH has been working with King County Brownfields Program and the previous owner of the site on a mitigation plan. Crews are currently digging and removing contaminated dirt from the site, with work to be completed in the next month.

Thanks for all the neighborhood support for this project over the years. With the rezone and mitigation work moving forward, we are one step closer to having a site ready for construction!

Former Pizza Time building to be demolished at 12th and Yesler

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Seattle Housing Authority is planning to demolish the building on the northwest corner of 12th and Yesler (formerly Pizza Time). Demolition should happen sometime between mid-October to mid-November. SHA promises to maintain the site and keep it free of litter.

The site will likely sit empty for some time, although SDOT has mentioned that they are considering part of the site for a streetcar barn for the First Hill Streetcar.

12th and Jefferson Design Review – Wednesday Aug 4

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Rendering of 12th and Jefferson

Capitol Hill Housing’s future project at the corner of 12th Avenue and E Jefferson Street will be going through its final Design Review meeting next week.

Wednesday, August 4th at 6:30pm
Seattle University Alumni & Admissions Building

12th Ave and E Marion Street

The new building will be a neighborhood-enriching blend of small retail spaces marketed to local businesses and 40 affordable apartments. The apartments are being designed for people who work in the neighborhood and in nearby employment centers and who earn up to 60% of area median income. The new development will be green-built, and is currently being designed by the Capitol Hill architecture firm Environmental Works.

The site is due to be excavated in early fall to remove petroleum contamination. We will also seek permanent funding for the development this fall.

The Design Review meeting is a great way to learn more about the project and share your thoughts about the design.

Redevelopment Plan for the King County Youth Detention Site

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Representatives from King County met with neighbors at the 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee meeting last week to discuss redevelopment plans for the King County Youth Detention Facility at 12th and Alder. Current plans for the site include demolishing and building a new, larger court room facility with structured parking for up to 600 cars. The existing detention facility along Spruce Street will remain. The design team presented three options, which are shown below. These were not intended to be concrete design plans but rather three concepts to show general themes and to generate conversation about what is needed and wanted at the site.

Please see the attached word document below to review the minutes of the meeting and find out more about the plans for the site. Also attached is a document from King County outlining why the current court room facility is being rebuilt. King County welcomes your comments and questions. For more information, please contact their outreach coordinator, Shanon Kearney, at 206-269-0229 ext 112.

Option A

Option A

Option B

Option B

Option C

Option C

May 2010 Meeting Minutes


Important 12th Avenue Meetings Coming Up!

Friday, May 7th, 2010


There are two important community meetings coming up soon to discuss redevelopment of the Youth Detention Center and planning for a new park on 12th Avenue. Refreshments will be provided.

Tuesday May 11
Seattle University Alumni & Admissions Building (corner of 12th and Marion)

Representatives from King County and their design team will be holding a meeting to discuss their redevelopment plans for the site near 12th and Alder. This includes demolition of the existing building and constructing a new courtroom facility, adding up to five stories of structured parking, leaving some land for later development, and possible impacts to the open space on the northwest corner of the site.

There will be time at this meeting for questions and small group discussions with King County. We encourage you to attend and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, May 18
Seattle University Alumni & Admissions Building

Parks staff will be hosting a planning meeting for the new park at the corner of 12th Avenue and E James Court. The Parks Department will share information on the project scope and schedule. Please join us and tell us what you want to see in the new park!

Early Schemes for Redevelopment at the Youth Detention Site

Monday, April 19th, 2010
One of King County's early design schemes for the redevelopment at the Youth Detention Facility on 12th Avenue

One of King County's early design schemes for the redevelopment at the Youth Detention Facility on 12th Avenue

King County is moving forward (again) with redevelopment plans for the Juvenile Detention Facility at 12th and Alder. Basically, the detention facility itself (along Alder) will remain. The existing courtroom and office building near the center of the site needs to be replaced and will be demolished. In its place will be a bigger and better courtroom facility. King County is proposing to move all family court activities to this site which will double the number of courtrooms needed. Their plans also include an elevated parking structure for some 500 cars. The rest of the site will be redeveloped at a later date, probably by a private developer to be mixed-use housing and retail. These plans have not been developed so no partners have been identified.  King County is considering saving the open space on the site, currently located on the northeast corner where the Whale Fin sculpture is currently located.

For more detail on early site layouts, please check out the good pictures over at the CD News . I believe these were taken at the most recent Squire Park Community Council meeting and provide a good background of the potential site layouts.

If you want more information or have feedback, King County will be attending the 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee Meeting at 7pm on May 11th .  The meeting will be held at the Seattle University Alumni & Admissions building at 12th and Marion and all are welcome to attend.

King County Youth Detention Center Redevelopment

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
alder tower at the detention site

alder tower at the detention site

The King County site on 12th and Alder, which houses the Youth Detention Facility, is currently planning a major redevelopment of its court and administrative office facilities. This site is about 8.5 acres within the 12th Avenue Urban Village and has enormous potential to transform the southern end of 12th Avenue. The design team for the County presented at the Squire Park Community Council meeting last weekend. Great notes of this meeting can be found on the CD News blog.

The County will next present this project on May 11th at the 12th Avenue Stewardship Council Meeting . Please join us for this important gathering!

Tuesday, May 11th


824 12th Avenue (SU A+A Building) corner of Marion