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SU’s Small Business Institute Offers Low & No-Cost Small Business & Non-Profit Analysis

Friday, December 9th, 2011

For the past 35 years, Seattle University’s Small Business Institute (SBI) program has provided free and low cost consulting services to over 2,000 small businesses and nonprofits.  This winter quarter, SU professor and SBI Director Dr. Harriet Stephenson will be teaching two undergraduate classes of students who will provide an overall analysis for businesses and nonprofits. This analysis consists of:

  1. defining the business and its mission
  2. establishing goals or where you want the business to be a year and five years from now including revenue and profit goals
  3. assessing where the business is now–strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats; which usually includes marketing research to help identify target market(s), develop an appropriate Internet strategy, and construct a rudimentary marketing plan
  4. performing cash flow projections and a pro forma P&L and balance sheet for one year
  5. recommendations for action to help achieve those projections and goals

The analysis is a ten-week project which coincides with the academic quarter. Each business is assigned a team of 2-5 students, who invest 70-120 hours each to the project of the course of the quarter. The owner or executive director of the organization receiving consulting services is expected to invest an average of 20 hours during the quarter meeting with their student team. Organizations with an annual income/sales/revenue of $300,000 or more and startups with a projected first year sales of $300,000 or more will be asked to pay a $500 administrative fee. Any business whose revenue falls under $300,000 will not be charged.

Organizations will be considered for the program if they 1) have 1-50 employees, 2) are willing to have their student consultant team review their prior financials (such as P&L statements and balance sheets), and 3) register online before the program begins on January 4th – the sooner the better.  If you think a comprehensive small business analysis would benefit your organization, sign up today!


Construction completed on Seattle University’s Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

Monday, September 20th, 2010

After years of fundraising, planning and design, Seattle University’s Lemieux Library is finally complete.

SU has a great video of the 14 months of construction condensed to 40 seconds. Check it out here!

What’s coming to 12th & E Cherry?

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


Central District News has updated renderings of the new Seattle University/Seneca Development student housing project in the works for the full block at 12th & Cherry. The developers of this project will be out to speak with the 12th Avenue Neighborhood Group soon, hopefully in January, so be on the lookout for that announcement.

This is an important development for many reasons. With more than 200 student beds, it will add a lot of people, and presumably vitality, to 12th Avenue. This project will also have several neighborhood retail spaces, and we are hoping that Seneca will be renting to student-serving AND neighborhood-serving businesses. Lastly, the southwest corner retail space (in the third rendering) will face the park at James Court that is currently in development (between this project and Watertown Coffee) so getting a restaurant in there that is active and lively throughout the day and night will be key to achieving safety goals at the pocket park.

12th Avenue Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, September 8th!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

UPDATE: Meeting Minutes can be found here. Letter sent to Park Department prior to meeting summarizing questions and ideas of the 12th Avenue Parks Sub-Committee can be found here.

Please join us at the next 12th Avenue Neighborhood Plan Stewardship Meeting on Tuesday, September 8th at 5:30pm at the new Seattle University Alumni and Admissions building at 824 12th Avenue (at Marion Street).

We have a great agenda for the evening:

  • Update on the James Court Park from Susanne Friedman, Parks Project Manager
  • What’s happening with the First Hill-Capitol Hill Streetcar?
  • 12th Avenue Street Furniture Project Update
  • Capitol Hill Housing 12th & Jefferson Project Update
  • Seattle University 12th & Cherry Project Update

There will be drinks and snacks provided at this meeting .  Please join us! If you have questions or agenda suggestions, please contact Bill Zosel, Neighborhood Plan Steward, at wmzosel@aol.com.

future james court park
future james court park
view of future james court park just north of watertown coffee

view of future james court park just north of watertown coffee

Where it’s at.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

12th Avenue, that is where. In the last several weeks the 12th Avenue business district, especially in Pike/Pine, has literally taken off. This is remarkable when you consider that we are in the midst of a national recession. I have a lot of theories about why this is happening, chief among them is that many people are choosing to dine and shop local to ensure the livelihood of their micro-neighborhood. Please keep this is mind when you are looking to spend you money these days…local businesses need you! Here is a brief report of some of the exciting new things happening on 12th…

The Pony rides again! Word on the street is that Pony will be open for business by early September. For those of you that remember the old Pony bar (at 500 Pine) the new version is sure to become a neighborhood favorite. Owner Mark Stoner has created an engaging exterior deck, adding to the square footage inside, using old street signs turned backwards.

CHS reports that Georgetown’s Revival Home and Garden will be making a move up to 12th soon, between Pike and Pine. We are waiting on confirmation, but our guess (and hope) is that they will be moving into the vacant commercial space in the COHO building, next to the NW Film Forum. We will keep you posted.

Plum is also getting some great press since opening about a month ago in the former Cafe Stellina space. They are getting consistently high ratings on Yelp and have quickly become a new neighborhood favorite. Stop in for yummy vegan food (yes, it is amazing!) Owner Makini Howell was recently interviewed on KUOW here .


Lastly, further down the south end of 12th, we are finally beginning to see movement on the huge parcel that Seattle University owns at 12th & Cherry . You are probably wondering why we are reporting on a vacant lot with all this other exciting business news…

First, this vacant lot is a big hole in the 12th Avenue business district, literally cutting off Watertown Coffee and everything south from the pedestrian "friendlier" district to the north.  Second, this project will deliver a first floor of retail space, adding vitality and energy (hopefully) to the corridor.  Lastly, there is great potential for this project to develop alongside the pocket park planned for James Court , between it and Watertown, making for a coordinated "neighborhood positive" space. Seneca, the firm SU is partnering with here, plans to begin soil work this fall and start construction next spring. We hope to meet with them soon to find out what kind of businesses they will be targeting for the retail space.

SU Storage Building at 12th & Madison

Monday, August 24th, 2009

A nice summary on the massive storage building at 12th & Madison by Josh Mahar can be found here on the CHS blog. My belief is that this project could single-handedly improve the dreadful pedestrian experience of this intersection. And I think SU is headed in the right direction…

Seattle University Admissions & Alumni Building Opening Soon

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


Seattle University’s Admissions & Alumni building will be opening later this month at 12th Avenue and E Marion Street. A meeting room at the north corner of the building on 12th Avenue boasts large windows to make the room visible from the sidewalk and will create a lantern effect for the intersection. This room is available for community meetings and Seattle University has already reserved a time for the monthly 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee meetings. WaterTown Coffee has graciously hosted these meetings in the past but we look forward to our new space in the A&A building. Thanks Seattle University!

Update : The Seattle University Admissions & Alumni building will soon host Design Review Meetings!  We look forward to having these important neighborhood design meetings in an easy to find location that is convenient for interested neighborhood residents.  Please check out the CHS blog here for more information on how the Seattle Department of Planning & Development chooses the location for Design Review Meetings.

What’s New at 12th and Madison?

Monday, June 29th, 2009

We can expect to see great new things happening at that wacky intersection of 12th and Madison and Union Streets. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.


Pony Rides Again!


Pony , the much-loved gay bar that lived for a short while in the old Cha Cha space on Pine Street is making its new home at the Acacia Florist site at 12th and Madison. The new Pony plans to offer up the same awesomeness as before with the addition of a great deck out front. Look for Pony to open by early August!

Tavern Law, Seattle’s Prohibition Era Bar


Tavern Law plans to open in the Trace Condos building in mid-July.  Modeled after a Prohibition-era speakeasy, Tavern Law will feature cocktails from that period, a rotating seasonal food menu and, I quote, "some little surprises along the way." I’m expecting a hidden door behind a bookshelf that leads to a secret room but we’ll have to wait and see!

New Development Behind Trace Lofts 1222-madison-early-rendering

Developer Wallace Properties plans to build a 104-unit housing project directly to the east of the Trace Lofts property on Madison. Early design review guidance noted here has suggested re-tooling the corner shown above along with some other design suggestions. We’ll keep you posted on future meetings and new design schemes. The developer hopes to keep this project moving forward with the goal of breaking ground in November.

Update: The second Design Review Meeting is July 1st at 6:30pm at the Montlake Library.  More details here at the friendly CHS blog.

That Huge Self-Storage Building


Seattle University has been working on revising its Master Plan which directs the school’s future growth. SU plans to increase the school’s presence on 12th Avenue with future redevelopment of the storage facility at 12th and Madison. From the early drawing above, it looks like SU renovation plans will uncover long-darkened windows and provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment at the sidewalk level.

Triangle Development for Sale


Plans seem to be stalled for the proposed 6-story 100-unit apartment building at the triangle where the Buzz Stop Cafe, Color Store and Undre Arms Apartments currently live.
Community plans from back in 2001 call for a public art piece at the curb bulb at 12th and Union Street that will act as a gateway to 12th Avenue.  The Runberg Architecture Group met with community members during their initial design phase for the project to discuss this art project.  Let’s hope future development stays true to this plan. Right now, we’ll have to make due with our flowers and tree as the gateway to 12th!


Seattle University Draft Master Plan Public Hearing UPDATED

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Update: Please find the SU Draft MIMP here .

Seattle University is one of the biggest institutions in the City (and the neighborhood) and they are in the process of updating their Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP). This happens about every 20 years, with the goal of planning ahead for future institutional needs and growth. SU has been working with a Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) of neighborhood stakeholders on the Master Plan for the last two years, to get ongoing input on the drafts they have been formulating. However, now is the time for the general public to begin weighing in! SU is having its first public meeting about its Draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) on Wednesday June 3, 2009 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m . The meeting will be held at the following location:

Seattle University
Teilhard de Chardin Hall, Rm. 142
(The building is located in the southwest portion of campus – between Campion Hall and Logan Field — and north of E. Jefferson St.; the building is identified as #8 on Figure 2-4 in this Draft EIS)

Here is a campus map .

The Draft Master Plan and EIS is a HUGE document (so huge I cannot upload it here), but it is chock full of very interesting information, especially regarding future SU development plans on 12th Avenue and potential zoning changes to their Major Institution Overlay (the MIO is SU’s special institutional zoning boundaries and code). For more information about where the document can be viewed visit the City information here .  For more information on some of the details of the draft Master Plan see Capitol Hill Seattle’s recent post .

12th Avenue Neighborhood Plan Stewardship Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Please join us for the next 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee meeting on Wednesday May 27th at 6pm at Watertown Coffee at 550 12th Avenue . There is a lot going on right now on 12th Avenue, so come to engage more in the following topics:

  • Streetscape improvements on 12th (fixing banner arms and new sidewalk furniture)
  • Preliminary discussions about future James Court Pocket Park design
  • SU Master Plan Update
  • Capitol Hill Housing 12th & E Jefferson Workforce Housing Project Update
  • First Hill/Capitol Hill Streetcar Update

Drinks and light snacks will be provided! Questions? Contact Bill Zosel at wmzosel@aol.com