12th Ave Seattle Blog http://12thaveseattle.com/blog Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:50:46 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.1 Capitol Hill EcoDistrict Bike Tour http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/03/27/capitol-hill-ecodistrict-bike-tour/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/03/27/capitol-hill-ecodistrict-bike-tour/#comments Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:50:46 +0000 Alex http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1968 How can the Capitol Hill Eco-District promote healthy living and active transportation? What better way to learn about the myriad efforts underway than from the saddle of your trusty metal steed. The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, Cascadia Green Building Council, and Cascade Bicycle Club are partnering for the third ramp-up event to the Living Future UnConference ’13 with a bike tour of the district. Leaders from the Capitol Hill and Squire Park communities will highlight just a few of the great efforts underway to address healthy living, walking and biking as part of an integrated, district-scale environmental performance approach. 12th Avenue is the first stop featuring our own Ann Schuessler. Free registration and links to more information available here.

Tour Stops, Topics and Speakers
Start at 11th Ave and E Pike St – Sam’s Tavern

Stop 1: 12th Ave and Marion St
Topic: The importance of design and use for creating a great walking environment
Speaker: Ann Schuessler, Chair of the 12th Avenue Stewards

Stop 2: 18th Ave between Jefferson and Cherry Streets
Topic: Neighborhood Greenways, safe streets for people age 8 to 80 to walk and bike
Speaker: Merlin Rainwater, Central Seattle Greenways

Stop 3: Denny Way and 16th Ave
Topic: Group Health Capitol Hill Walk and Talk Program
Speaker: Daniel Nygaard, Group Health Cooperative

Stop 4: Denny Way and Broadway
Topic: Broadway Cycle Track
Speaker: Ethan Melone, Rail Transit Manager, SDOT

Stop 5: 11th Ave and Pike St
Topic: 11th Avenue Green Street and Pike Pine Conservation Overlay
Speaker: Lesley Bain, Principal, Weinstein Architects and Urban Designers

The bike tour will finish at a happy hour open to all. Dr. Howard Frumkin, dean of the University of Washington School of Public Health, will join the happy hour to lead a discussion about the relationships between design and health.

Registration (free) required for the bike tour. The bike tour meets at Sam’s Tavern at 4 PM and will tour until 5 PM. The tour will end at Sam’s Tavern.
Happy hour begins at 5 PM, no registration is required.

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12th Avenue Stewards-March Meeting http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/03/11/12th-avenue-stewards-march-meeting/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/03/11/12th-avenue-stewards-march-meeting/#comments Mon, 11 Mar 2013 03:10:17 +0000 AnnS http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1965 Please come to the 12th Ave Stewards March Meeting

When: March 12, 2013  5:30pm

Where: Seattle Arts Academy (the portable classroom on 12th Ave just south of Madison)


Updates and Reminders

5:30 to 5:40 Cloud Art Funded! Update, next steps, and possible celebration for 12th Avenue Square Park (Ellen, Bill, others)

5:40 to 6:00 King County Youth Detention Center Site Redesign: First Public Hearing March 16 (Bill)

6:00 to 6:10 Report on Swedish Sabey Major Institution Master Plan (Joy)


Discussion Items

6:10 to 6:15 Board Retreat March 23 – why you should come (Ann)

6:15 to 6:25 Von Trapps outreach and grant opportunity (Ann)


Post Meeting Project

6:25 to 7:00 DON Small and Simple Grant Application (Ann)

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February 2013 Meeting Notes http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/02/27/1958/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/02/27/1958/#comments Wed, 27 Feb 2013 00:23:57 +0000 Alex http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1958 12th Avenue Stewards: February 2013 Meeting Notes

DATE and TIME: Tuesday, February 12, 2012 – 5:30-7pm

Meeting notes:
Community Projects and Grant Updates 5:30 to 5:45
Cloud Art Grants:
• The public art for the 12th Avenue Sqaure park is $70,000 over budget due to needs for a crane and suspension cables.
• Application to a neighborhood funding grant to get some assistance.
• Also going to apply for another neighborhood matching grant.
• Seattle University gave $150,000 to the development of the park because of the vacation of alley adjacent to the property.
• Next meeting to be “trained” for receiving the grant is February 21st at 6pm at the Alijoya Senior Center in Northgate (address: ). Ann can attend.

Neighborhood Street Fund Application:
• Submitted grant request to neighborhood district council to paint crosswalks and create parklets
• Were rejected for next step
• Café Presse owners supportive of idea
• Questions were: who pays for the development, maintenance, and
• What is the process for getting a parklet? Need to talk to SDOT
• What about other locations? Further south or north of the 12th/Madison/Union/ intersection; What about a location not associated with a specific business
• For the business that has the Parklet in front of it, the parklet would draw customers and people
• Have a meeting to discuss further options

Changes to 12th Avenue websites
• Please check out the 12th Avenue website (and blog) and Facebook page
• Like us on Facebook if you haven’t yet!

Von Trapp Development and Sidewalks:
• Can same pedestrian scale lights and trees go in front of Von Trapps?
• Have not been successful yet in getting a response from owners
• Could a matching neighborhood grant be used to help with the planting and light costs?
• We want to approach the owners about this, but want to do it in a way that is constructive and doesn’t turn them off from wanting to work with us in the future
SAAS Campus Consolidation Communication 5:45 to 5:55
• Creating a list of questions to ask about the plans
• Ask for interested parties to attend a meeting to create a list of questions
• Bill will follow up with some individual residents, Alex will send out a general e-mail

DON Small & Simple Grant 5:55 to 6:10
Restarting the process of applying for a Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple grant:
• A review of what happened during the last round of funding
• A review of the timeline for the current round of funding
• Requests for those who wish to work on proposal for next round
• Possible projects for the upcoming grant to fund would be woonerf planning and 12th Ave Square Park art installation. However, it’s not too late to come up with an alternative project.
Board Elections 6:10 to 6:25
• Tom is willing to continue to be secretary
• Bill is willing to continue as Vice President
• Ann is willing to be President
• No others expressed interest in the officer positions
• Other audience members expressed interest in being regular board members
• Several 2012 board members could not attend the meeting, but are interested in continuing on the board
• The board roster will be finalized at the board retreat March 23
• Non-board members are also welcome to attend the retreat
Neighborhood Engagement Process for King County Redevelopment 6:25 to 7:00
• Presenting: Jim Burt
• Attending: Judge Michael Tricky,
• Working with public artist (whale fin sculpture) to determine what will happen with that piece of art and the space itself, whether it can be moved
• Need to get land use permits to determine zoning through either a contract rezone or text amendment
• One part of property is zoned to 65, but rest is L3, so greater height limits would be needed
• Courthouse itself may need to be higher than 65 feet
• The west side will generally be taller than the east side
• The County has safety concerns about sharing facility parking with residents, though they might be willing to share with customers of retail businesses
• Parking won’t be underground because the cost would be too high and the ability to expand the garage would be limited
• Ground floor would be residential on14th and retail on 12th
• Consultants for next phase will be KND Justice and Carter Global Lee
• County staff have met with Councilmember McDermott and will meet with Councilmember Gossett and the Executive’s Office to establish who will be on the neighborhood stakeholders group – this is different from previous comments, which asked for people interested in being on the neighborhood stakeholders group to step forward. They expect to include existing neighborhood organizations and residents adjacent to the facility.
• The County is open to having someone from the Stewards present on the history of neighborhood advocacy and community involvement around redevelopment at this facility. Lara volunteered to speak. Bill volunteered to help put together historical information.
• The project oversight committee is now chaired by Councilmember Lambert and includes superior court judges, Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett, the Budget Director, Prosecutor’s Office and Criminal Justice Department.
• First public meeting will be March 16, 10:30am to 1:30pm
• Tentative date for following public meeting is April 27
o 3 additional courthouses
o 154 detention center dorms
o 440 stalls of parking
o 400 to 500 units of housing
o Alder street will be opened
See the website for more details

Other subjects (shared at end of meeting)
• 12th Ave Banners that advertise an event
• Broadcast the upcoming event on the Facebook page and website
• Seattle University sign in skyway (cited as a violation)
• A great Photo show currently up at Northwest Film Center

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12th Ave Stewards Meeting February 12th http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/02/11/12th-ave-stewards-meeting-february-12th/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2013/02/11/12th-ave-stewards-meeting-february-12th/#comments Mon, 11 Feb 2013 17:11:14 +0000 AnnS http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1951 Hello Neighbors!

Please come to the February 12th Ave Stewards monthly meeting:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013– 5:30-7pm


NEW LOCATION: Seattle Academy,  12th Avenue Conference Room (1140 12th Avenue, in middle of block between Spring and Union/Madison streets.  Look for “A-board” on sidewalk)

Everyone is welcome! Please bring neighbors and friends as we discuss important issues that directly affect the 12th Avenue Community.

Community Projects and Grant Updates 5:30 to 5:45
Cloud Art Grants:  the public art for the 12th Ave Square Park (at 12th and E James Ct.) is in need of additional funding.  http://www.seattle.gov/parks/proparks/projects/12_ave_model_views_20110630.pdf

Neighborhood Street Fund Application: plans for funding requests to make improvements along 12th Avenue
Changes to 12th Avenue websites
Von Trapp Development and Sidewalks: plans to update pedestrian lighting and tree plantings in this location to match the rest of 12th Avenue

SAAS Campus Consolidation Communication 5:45 to 5:55
Drafting topics and questions for a letter that responds to the presentations we’ve had from SAAS so far about their campus consolidation plans in order to create a dialogue.

DON Small & Simple Grant 5:55 to 6:10
Restarting the process of applying for a Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple grant:

  • A review of what happened during the last round of funding
  • A review of the timeline for the current round of funding
  • Requests for those who wish to work on proposal for next round

Board Elections 6:10 to 6:25
The Executive positions for the board, including Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary are available, as well as regular positions on the board for the 12th Avenue Stewards.  Please come to nominate, run, discuss, and vote.

Neighborhood Engagement Process for King County Redevelopment 6:25 to 7:00
A discussion on the next steps for communication with King County about the Youth Services Center site redevelopment (block between 12th and 14th avenues,  E Remington and E Spruce streets).
We look forward to seeing you.

The 12th Avenue Stewards

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This Tuesday: Next 12th Avenue Stewards Meeting http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/12/10/this-tuesday-next-12th-avenue-stewards-meeting/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/12/10/this-tuesday-next-12th-avenue-stewards-meeting/#comments Mon, 10 Dec 2012 19:07:11 +0000 Hajof2Hoods http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1946 This year has gone by very quickly! Our last meeting in 2012 is coming up this

12th Avenue Stewards:  December 2012 Meeting

DATE and TIME: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 – 5:30-7pm

LOCATION: Seattle University Alumni & Admissions building
(corner of 12th Ave and E Marion Street)

Everyone is welcome! Please bring neighbors and friends as we discuss
important issues that directly affect the 12th Avenue Community.


Nominate members for January board elections (Dave) 5:30-5:50pm
The formation of the 12th Avenue Stewards as a committee with bylaws
and board members was a year ago.  It is time to nominate again for the
board positions of Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary. Discussion and elections
will be at the 12th Avenue Stewards meeting in 2013.

Seattle Academy Feasibility Study (Tom) 5:50-6:10pm
Seattle Academy is completing the first stage of its feasibility study to consider having the Middle School (currently located in the buildings of Temple De Hirsch) move to the same block as the upper school (12th and 13th
Avenues between Union and Spring streets). A presentation on the ideas and
plans being discussed to get community feedback.

Update on Timing of Urban league building tour (Walt) 6:10-6:15pm
Walt Townes, co-founder of local company of Retail Lockbox, has offered to help
coordinate a tour of the Urban League building since its purchase.  We
will discuss who would like to attend and what date a possible tour could be.

Bridging the Gap grant application update  (Mark) 6:20-6:25pm
Following the discussion of the desire to submit a Bridging the Gap Grant
(SDOT) a group of 12th Ave Stewards met to discuss some ideas.
An update on some of the possible projects and improvements proposed.

King County Youth Services Center update (Bill/Alex) 6:25-6:30pm
An update on the discussion with the County over the redevelopment of the King
County Youth Detention Services Center and the property on the block (12th
to 14 Avenues between E Spruce and Remington Court).

Update on Appeal to Seattle U Major Institutional Master Plan (Joy/Bill)

An update on the recent appeal to the Seattle U MIMP (as described in the MIMP
minority report by Bill Zosel and Ellen Sollod) heard by the Hearing Examiner.

Vietnamese Catholic Church/Archdiocese update  (Alex)

The Vietnamese Catholic Church (located just behind Washington Hall at 14th
and E Fir St.) is vacating its property at the end of 2013.  The Stewards
would like to discuss how to communicate with the Church and Archdiocese to
determine the plans for the property.

After the full meeting a group will meet to discuss using the 12th
Avenue Website, Facebook, and other methods to increase our communication and

We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, December 11, starting at 5:30pm.

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Upcoming 12th Avenue Stewards Meeting Nov. 13 2012 http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/11/12/upcoming-12th-avenue-stewards-meeting-nov-13-2012/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/11/12/upcoming-12th-avenue-stewards-meeting-nov-13-2012/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2012 23:21:57 +0000 Hajof2Hoods http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1938 12th Avenue Stewards:  Next Meeting

TIME: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 – 5:30-7pm

LOCATION: Seattle University Alumni & Admissions building(corner of 12th Ave and E Marion Street)

Please note the full agenda for this meeting.  Time limits on agenda items will be strictly followed to allow for all items to be discussed.


5:30 to 5:45pm:  12th Avenue Square Park Art – Patrick Donahue,
Seattle Parks and Recreation.

A conversation with Patrick Donahue of Seattle Parks Department to discuss next steps and goals for the park at 12th Ave and James Ct, including cost overruns regarding the art planned for the site.   For more information on the park and the space (including some helpful images of
possible designs), use this link: http://seattle.gov/PARKS/proparks/projects/12thAve.htm

5:45 to 6:15pm – Bridging the Gap Application

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) introduced the “Bridging the Gap” initiative which aims to improve sidewalks and other infrastructure, as well as to implement longer term goals such as the pedestrian and bicycle Master Plans.  Grants are still available: join us for a conversation about what project the 12th Avenue Community might engage in.  For more information on Bridging the Gap, click here: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/BridgingtheGap.htm


6:15 to 6:50pm – A Conversation with County Councilmember Joe McDermott

The 12th avenue Neighborhood is now within the new King County Council District 8. The 12th avenue Stewards committee welcomes Councilmember Joe McDermott for a discussion of issues and projects in the area.  In particular focus will be the redevelopment plans for the King County Youth Detention Center. Councilmember Joe McDermott’s home page: http://www.kingcounty.gov/McDermott.aspx


6:50 to 7pm  – Denny Substation and Power Lines

Discussion of City Light proposal to build a new substation and to run transmission lines above ground using large poles (“possibly 100 ft” tall) along 14th Ave, E Spruce, and 12th Ave S. More information here: http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2012/10/21/plan-for-denny-substation-could-mean-new-electrical-towers-running-across-capitol-hill


Please note the change in the agenda:  Chip Nevins of Seattle Parks and Recreation has to cancel his appearance.  We hope to continue the discussion of a new or improved park space on the current King County Youth Services center block.  We hope to reschedule Chip for the December Stewards meeting.

We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, November 13, starting at 5:30pm.


The 12th Avenue Stewards


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The 12th Avenue Neighborhood Festival Needs You! http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/08/07/the-12th-avenue-neighborhood-festival-needs-you/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/08/07/the-12th-avenue-neighborhood-festival-needs-you/#comments Tue, 07 Aug 2012 00:22:20 +0000 Alex http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1931 The 3rd Annual 12th Avenue Neighborhood Festival is coming up this Sunday, August 12, from 11am to 5pm.  The Festival is a free street fair on 12th Ave between Pike and Union organized by Capitol Hill Housing with help from the local small business community.  The Festival includes 40 booths full of local businesses and nonprofits along with a small music stage and a variety of activities.  Last year we had about 3,000 people attend.

Neighbors, we need your help to make the Festival a success.  We need volunteers to help with set up and take down, to greet Festival attendees, and to keep a count of the crowd (look below for time and task specifics).  Each 2 hour shift earns you a free meal ticket to use with any festival food vendor, and you will also be automatically entered into our raffle to win gift certificates to local businesses (see list of food and other vendors here).  It’s also just a great opportunity to meet other people from the neighborhood and listen to the sweet bands, that Neumo’s lined up.

If you’re interested, please email me at abrennan(at)capitolhillhousing(dot)org with the shift(s) you’d like to work and any special needs or limitations you may have.  I hope you can join me and the rest of the 12th Ave Neighborhood Festival volunteer team!

- Alex Brennan, Sustainable Communities Manager
Capitol Hill Housing

1st shift – 9am to 11am (6 volunteers)

  • Table and chair set up for 40 booths
  • Balloon and banner set up for both entrances
  • Electricity and handwashing station set up

2nd shift – 11am to 2pm (12 volunteers)

  • Keep fire lanes open and unoccupied by vehicles
  • Greet, hand out materials, and count attendees at welcoming tables
  • Stand by waste bins and educate attendees about composting and recycling

3rd shift – 2pm to 5pm (12 volunteers)

  • Keep fire lanes open and unoccupied by vehicles
  • Greet, hand out materials, and count attendees at welcoming tables
  • Stand by waste bins and educate attendees about composting and recycling

4th shift – 5pm to 7pm (10 volunteers)

  • Tables and chair take down for 40 booths
  • Balloon and banner take down for both entrances
  • Electricity and handwashing station takedown
  • Work with Cleanscapes to verify and sort waste from compost, recycling, and trash bins (these volunteers will get extra benefits – contact Alex for details)

We ask that all volunteers report in 15 minutes before their shift starts in order to facilitate easy shift changes and to guarantee time for a short volunteer orientation.  Volunteers will be provided with water and snacks (along with a free meal ticket) during their shift.


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Event Horizon: 12th Avenue Festival Booths (nearly) Sold Out http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/07/17/event-horizon-12th-avenue-festival-booths-nearly-sold-out/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/07/17/event-horizon-12th-avenue-festival-booths-nearly-sold-out/#comments Tue, 17 Jul 2012 22:00:55 +0000 Hajof2Hoods http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1921 This is what being a community is all about: less than a month after announcing the 12th Avenue Festival booth spaces were half sold, the festival has only one booth spot left! If you have been thinking of participating, but just haven’t sent in your paperwork, please get in touch immediately.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the support to get to this point.  Immeasurable thanks goes to Signature Sponsors (in alphabetical order) Hunter’s Capital, Seattle University, and Swedish Hospital as well as Supporting Sponsors Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, Café Vita/Via Tribunali, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Capitol Hill Housing, DEI Creative, and Dunn and Hobbes.

And finally, thanks to this year’s festival Presenting Sponsor, Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences.

A special thanks to signature sponsor Osteria La Spiga for the gracious and friendly hosting for all of our planning meetings!

Finally, all of this wouldn’t happen without the leadership of Alex Brennan, Sustainable Communities Manager at Capitol Hill Housing, and the tireless intern Marcus Branford, who pounded the pavement to help get the word out and sign up so many of the businesses which are participating.

The diversity of businesses and community organizations is impressive and inspiring.  Have a look and the great variety of food vendors, community groups, health and wellness providers, and other folks coming to show how 12th Avenue has become such a well-connected hub of activity and community.

This event will have something for every age group: There will be music, face-painting, double-dutch, massage, food and desserts galore, business advice and outreach about community issues and events. And if you have a furry best friend, be sure to bring them too! Pet products and veterinary advice are also part of the mix.

Keep looking here for details, and also check out the 12th Avenue Facebook page for frequent updates and profiles of all the businesses and organizations involved.

Lastly, thanks and an invitation to all the local residents—tell (and bring!) your friends and family, and let’s make this one great street festival.  All this is happening because of who is here . . .

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Call Out to the Locals: 12th Avenue Neighborhood Festival http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/06/26/call-out-to-the-locals-12th-avenue-neighborhood-festival/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/06/26/call-out-to-the-locals-12th-avenue-neighborhood-festival/#comments Tue, 26 Jun 2012 18:00:07 +0000 Hajof2Hoods http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1915 Calling all Local Businesses and Community Organizations!

The 3rd Annual 12th Avenue Neighborhood Festival will be Sunday, August 12, 2012, from 11am to 5pm.  Note the different start and end time from last year.

Booths for the Festival have sold faster this year than ever.  About 50% of the booth spaces are already filled.  Don’t delay in getting your forms in for what promises to be the biggest turnout ever for this fun neighborhood event.

Don’t know what the festival is? New to the neighborhood?  Check out the 12th Avenue Fesitval Facebook page.

For more information, or to inquire about forms to get a booth, please contact Tom Hajduk at thajduk@seattleacademy.org

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Help us clean up 12th Avenue! http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/03/23/help-us-clean-up-12th-avenue/ http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/03/23/help-us-clean-up-12th-avenue/#comments Fri, 23 Mar 2012 23:55:26 +0000 Alex http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/?p=1908 Capitol Hill Housing is working with the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce to plan cleanup work on 12th Avenue as part of The Clean Sweep. The Clean Sweep, a neighborhood street clean that covers Broadway and 12th Avenue, is on Saturday, May 12th from 10am to noon.  Volunteers (that means you!) are invited to gather at Cal Anderson Park at 10am for a pre-clean up breakfast and inspiring speeches from local elected officials.  Everyone will get equipped to clean, put together in teams (you’re welcome to create your own), and sent out to clean up areas. After a few hours hard work, volunteers will gather back at Cal Anderson Park for lunch and musical entertainment.

If you’d like to help us spruce up the 12th Avenue neighborhood, please RSVP with Jennifer Power, Sustainable Communities Assistant, at jpower(at)capitolhillhousing.org.

http://12thaveseattle.com/blog/2012/03/23/help-us-clean-up-12th-avenue/feed/ 3